Last updated 20th of May 2023


  1. You must comply with all the rules, a.k.a. resistance is futile.
    Upon registering an account on furryowo you agree to abide by all the rules stated in this document. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions set out by this agreement, you're not allowed to use our services.
  2. The bad stuff will be removed.
    furryowo reserves the right to remove any content from the site, should the content be found in violation of the rules set out by this document. This includes content removal, account suspension, account termination. We are not responsible for any data loss or financial hardships that may result from enforcing the rules.
  3. What the mod has banned, will stay banned.
    If for any reason your content has been removed, you agree not to post it again. If your account is suspended, blocked (ex. by other users) or terminated, you agree not to create another account to bypass those limitations without direct permission from us.
  4. You can disagree, but the administrator's decision will be final.
    If you disagree with any of the mod's action, you can appeal it, by contacting us at [email protected] to get an admin to review the issue. The administrator's decision will be final.
  5. We can change the rules.
    We can change this document at any time, without prior notice and for any reason. You will be notified of the changes via the site announcements. You must accept the changes. If you do not accept the changes, you must stop using the site immediately. Unless stated otherwise, the changes will become effective in seven (7) days after being published.

Accounts and site usage

  1. You must be 16 or older.
    By registering an account, you agree that you are at least sixteen (16). No individual under the age of sixteen (16) may register an account, use our services or provide any personal information to furryowo.
  2. Lying is a no-no.
    You agree to provide accurate and truthful information when registering your account.
  3. Keep the username civil.
    You agree not to create an account name that violates our rules by being offensive, racist, or harassing. You agree not to use your account to impersonate individuals or organizations. You agree that we reserve the right to remove, reclaim, or rename any account for any reason.
  4. No account sharing.
    You agree to not transfer your account ownership to another user. You agree to not use your account to aid any user in circumventing the rules. You agree that you are responsible for any activity on your account and that any violations of rules will be applied to all of your accounts.
  5. No hacking please.
    You must not:
    1. Tamper with, nor use non-public areas of the service;
    2. Probe, scan, nor test any of our systems or networks for any reason;
    3. Attempt to neither breach nor circumvent any security or authentication measure;
    4. Attempt to neither access nor search our services by any means (automated or otherwise) that negatively impacts site performance;
    5. Scrape our services, content, or content belonging to those using our services in a way that negatively impacts site performance;
    6. Use our services to send altered, deceptive, or false source-identifying information;
    7. Attempt to, interfere, nor disrupt the access of any user, host or network;
    8. Create accounts simply to reserve them and prevent their use by others.
  1. You allow us to host and store your posted content.
    When you upload content to furryowo via our services, you grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable, transferable right and license to use, host, store, cache, reproduce, publish, display (publicly or otherwise), perform (publicly or otherwise), distribute, transmit, modify, adapt, and create derivative works of that content. These permissions are purely for the limited purposes of allowing us to provide our services in accordance with their functionality (hosting and display), improve them, and develop new services.
    These permissions do not transfer the rights of your content or allow us to create any deviations of that content outside the aforementioned purposes.
  2. NSFW is strictly 18+
    furryowo can display artistic renditions of adult content, but the feature is disabled unless you are at least 18 years of age. If we determine that you may not be legally allowed to access this content, we will restrict your access to mature and adult content until you can verify your age via government photo identification.
    Any attempt to bypass this measure may result in all current and future accounts registered by you to be permanently banned.


  1. The site is provided "as is".
    furryowo is provided on "as is" basis. We do not warranty our services or content (yours or ours). We may change our services without prior notice to you. We retain the right to create limits on our services at any time with or without notice. We may also impose limits on services or aspects of them or restrict your access to part or all of our services without notice or liability. We may change, suspend, or discontinue any or all of our services at any time, including availability of any product, feature, database, and content (yours or ours).
  2. We are not liable for actions of our users or any third party.
    We are not responsible for any actions performed by users or a third party on site and outside it. We are not responsible for the content posted on furryowo by the users or a third party.

Code of Conduct

These standards apply to all aspects of furryowo such as social interaction and content that you upload to the site.

We will do anything in our power with resolving issues you might experience on site with professionalism and without bias. If you disagree with the moderator's decision, you might appeal by contacting us at [email protected] providing your username and any related information.

We do not mediate business disputes between buyers and sellers. Please contact the financial institution which you made the payment with (PayPal, your bank, etc.).

  1. Do not encourage or engage in illegal activity.
    This includes, but is not limited to, drug use (excluding marijuana use), piracy, and copyright infringement. While you may openly debate the validity of current laws, you may not promote, encourage, engage in, plan, post or link to content or activities that violate the law, or anything that could be used as directions for committing a crime.
  2. Do not discuss violent or sexual crimes.
    Do not discuss details or experiences of committing, illegal acts involving sex, violence, or abuse against any creature, living or dead.
  3. Do not host or participate in any form of gambling.
    Gambling or games of chance are defined as requiring participants to pay an entry fee for a chance to win a prize but are not guaranteed to get a prize. This may include raffles, sweepstakes, or lotteries.
    1. Free raffles are okay.
      Contests where entry is free or where all participants are guaranteed to receive a prize are permitted.
  4. Do not encourage or engage in any activity harmful to minors.
    You may not promote, encourage, engage in, plan, post or link to content or activities that may constitute harm to minors, or anything that could be used as directions for actions harmful to minors. Do not engage in any activity that might be considered as sexual or suggestive.
  5. Do not encourage or engage in animal cruelty.
    You may not promote, encourage, engage in, plan, post or link to content or activities that may constitute animal cruelty, or anything that could be used as directions for committing animal cruelty. Animal cruelty includes, but is not limited to: Torturing or beating an animal, confining or transporting an animal in a way that is inappropriate for its welfare, killing an animal in an inhumane manner, failing to provide appropriate or adequate food or water for an animal, failing to provide appropriate treatment for disease or injury, and failing to provide appropriate living conditions.
  6. Do not share or try to obtain private information.
    This includes attempting to obtain through deception or posting privileged/personal information of other individuals or businesses, such as social security numbers, unlisted contact information, addresses, credit card numbers, and correspondence (logs, emails, notes, etc).
  7. Do not threaten anyone.
    This includes both physical and financial harm (theft or vandalism), alluded or explicit.
  8. Do not stalk anyone.
    Stalking is the willful and repeated harassment of another user. This harassment may also come in the form of repeated communication, following, and gifts to an unwilling recipient.
  9. Do not harass anyone.
    In this context, harassment includes creating an account with an offensive name, impersonation of another user, and remarks which discuss personal grievances, quarrels, malicious rumors, negative statements about, purposefully misgendering or deadnaming other individuals, and attempting to address or contact a user who has blocked you or whom you have blocked, including soliciting other users to pass on messages or otherwise make contact on your behalf.

    This does not include civil discussions about topics of public interest such as celebrities or government officials, but does include 'bewares' and similar content. If a particular type of content does not appeal to you, then do not seek it out to make disparaging comments.
  10. Do not promote, glorify, instruct, or encourage anyone to hurt themselves.
    Do not encourage other users to engage in harmful behaviors, including suicide, eating disorders, or other forms of self harm. Do not give other users medical or veterinary advice that could result in harm coming to them or their pets. This does not apply to fictional works when used as part of a narrative.
  11. Do not engage in malicious content.
    Do not make derogatory use of caricatures, slurs, nor disparaging remarks about others' race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation or similar, or make maliciously misleading statements about cultures, religions, etc. This does not apply to fictional works when used as part of a narrative.
  12. Do not identify with or promote real hate, terrorist organizations, mass murderers, serial killers and their ideologies.
    A hate group is one that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a designated sector of society (e.g. Nazism, ISIS, KKK) that are reflected in the real world. Users who identify with or promote real hate or terrorist organizations and their ideologies may be permanently banned from Fur Affinity without warning.
  13. Do not promote ideologies harmful to public safety.
    Examples include: Covid misinformation, anti-vaccination, QAnon.
  14. Do not disrespect site staff.
    Our staff is currently made up of volunteers who perform duties that are difficult and time-consuming. Please refrain from needless harassment, insults, and arguing as it interferes with the ability for staff to perform their duties. Do not misrepresent site policies or staff actions, suggest that you have special privilege with staff, or retaliate against other users over staff action.
  15. Do not engage in Mature/Adult Rated activity in General Rated or public areas.
    Prohibited content includes erotic role-play, but excludes discussion of adult themes, provided they aren't explicit.
  16. Do not post links to prohibited content.
    If you are not permitted to upload or discuss the content on furryowo, then do not link to it, tell users how to find it, or encourage users to seek it out elsewhere. Mature/Adult links are prohibited on General-rated or public areas unless the content requires a login or age verification. This includes advertisements visible on the target URL.
  17. Do not spam.
    This includes registering accounts or posting content automatically, messaging users en masse with unsolicited ads or information (e.g. beware content), posting content that is nonsensical and/or unnecessarily long or page breaking, or making incessant comments at others.

Prohibited Content

In addition to the Code of Conduct, any content containing themes mentioned below is prohibited on furryowo, and must not be uploaded. If any content containing those themes will be uploaded, it will be removed, the account blocked, and you will be not allowed to use our services. In case the uploaded content is in conflict with the law, uploader will be reported to the police or other institution when necessary, both in UK and the country of their origin; logs of the uploader's activity within the site will be passed to the law enforcement authorities.

  1. Loli, cubs, etc.
    Any content that is portrays underage characters, real or fictional, in suggestive or explicit manner. This does not include SFW furry-themed content, but does include SFW non-furry content (ex. the case of "3000 y.o. in a body that looks like it's 8 y.o.").
  2. Torture, abuse, mutilation, entrails, etc.
    This doesn't include bondage, spanking, scratches, light bleeding, etc., but rather content that portrays bodily harm or torture, real or fictional, including rape (but not rough sex).
  3. Anime
    While we will not react as strongly as in other cases, the uploading of anime content is discouraged. This does not include anime-themed furry content, this is permitted.